The Customer is Always Right. Or Are They?

When working for different clients there are times you don’t like their ideas or don’t think their ideas will work for a particular campaign. It can be hard to determine whether you should be honest and tell them you don’t think their idea will work or go along with it because you’re being paid to work for them.

I believe that you are working for your client so you owe them honesty and the benefit of your expertise. They have hired you to perform a function and they expect desirable results. We all take on clients with the hope they will offer repeat business so if you are working on a project and it doesn’t have the results they expected then they are within their rights not to hire you again. Not to mention their perception that hiring you was a waste of resources. 

It’s understandable that you want to keep your client happy but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your reputation and expertise. If you don’t agree with a client’s idea or viewpoint tell them in a diplomatic manner. Don’t shoot down their idea instead explain why their idea may not work and perhaps give examples of where ideas similar to theirs havn’t yielded results.

The relationship with your client will fare much better if you can be honest with them and provide the results they are after.

Are Syndicated Messages Worth the Time They Save?

It’s a given that most businesses are now promoted on social media. The more platforms you use the more time you need to update posts and keep your followers up to date with the goings on in your business. There are programs that make it easy to write one post and broadcast it across the various social networking mediums you use. These are called syndicated messages. This sounds business savvy and time efficient but is it the best move? 

Your followers want to know that you’re thinking of them when you post. Sometimes a syndicated message can in fact contribute to the loss of sincerity in your message. It can also give the impression that your post has been seen before and isn’t worth further investigation. You can promote the same message across different platforms but just change up the wording a little. You may find this will help with customer engagement and your audience will feel that you are personally communicating with them. It may take you a little longer to get the message out but the results will be well worth it.