It’s easy to miss errors in a document you have written yourself. Often when proofreading your own work, you read what the document should say not what it does say. Having someone with fresh eyes look over your work can ensure you don’t miss any typos and the tone of your document is right for your target audience. Absolute Marketing Communications will check documents for spelling and grammatical errors, information flow, tone and structure.

Absolute Marketing Communications offers proofreading for the following documents: 

  • Business Letters

  • Brochure Copy

  • Media Releases

  • Advertorials

  • Product Bulletins

  • Menus

  • Corporate Profiles

  • Newsletters

  • Websites

  • Case Studies

  • Proposals


Copywriting Services

Clear, concise text and a knowledge of your target audience are key tools to writing effective copy (text).

Absolute Marketing Communications can assist in writing the following documents:

  • Media Releases

  • Advertisements

  • Advertorials

  • Brochures

  • Website copy

  • Marketing and Promotional material

  • Blogs

  • Product Bulletins

  • Social Media Updates

  • Newsletters

  • Corporate Profiles

  • Proposals

  • Business Letters


Social Media Management

It’s often hard to find the time to either start up your social media accounts or manage them. At Absolute Marketing Communications, we can help you start up your social media accounts or manage existing accounts for you. Whether you need help with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we can tailor a package that suits your business’ needs.


Public Relations Services

Absolute Marketing Communications can write media releases and create media kits to promote your business, product or service. We can also put together a media list for you to submit your release or kit to.



Absolute Marketing Communications can assist in the planning of all your events, big or small. We are experienced in planning product launches, end of year parties, media launches and other corporate events. 

We offer the following services:

  • Research venues and provide a detailed comparison

  • Prepare event documents (delegate literature, name tags etc)

  • Research delegate gifts

  • Prepare event planning documents (checklists, delegate databases etc)

  • Liaise with venues throughout the event planning process

We can tailor an event planning package to suit your needs. Whether you want us to take care of all the planning of your event or just a few elements, we’re happy to help.



Style Guides

It’s important in business to ensure all communication looks the same in style. By creating a style guide, you can ensure all correspondence delivered by your company has the same professional look.



Do you need to provide clear, concise reports to employees, upper management or stakeholders? Absolute Marketing Communications can format your reports so they look professional and error free.


Retainer Packages

Often businesses don’t have the time or staff to promote their business or engage in marketing activities targeted at increasing awareness and bringing in new customers. Absolute Marketing Communications can assist in executing these activities, enabling you to continue running your business.

Absolute Marketing Communications can maintain your marketing activities by dedicating time to your business on a weekly or monthly basis. We will work closely with you to determine how much time your business needs and set up practices that will enable your business to grow and gain exposure in the market place.